deltaPraise for The
500 Year Delta :
What Happens
After What
Comes Next


"I like [this] book. It's mind stretching and imagination expanding. While you tell us how difficult it will be to negotiate the ambient chaos if steered only by historic logic, you demonstrate that it will be eminently manageable with on-the-spot reasoning – like catching a very hot ground ball at shortstop, coming like a rocket over a rocky sandlot infield. I have a prediction – in 500 days you will have a bestseller."
Mario Cuomo

"Taylor and Wacker have assembled a wide-ranging chronicle, before the fact, of the coming century. I believe it is an accurate assessment of the challenges facing those of us who were taught to think in the twentieth century, yet find ourselves on the brink of something altogether different than what we've known. The 500-Year Delta deconstructs and analyzes the complexities of our uncertain future, in a simple and engaging language that even a middle-age white businessman could understand."Douglas Rushkoff
Author of Ecstasy Club, Playing the Future, and Media Virus

"An absorbing book that vastly enlarges the conceptual landscape of business. These postmodern futurists share invaluable knowledge that can turbocharge how we imagine the future and locate the strategic white space within it."
John Kao
Author of Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativit

"500 Year Delta was the best anything of 1997"
Sigorney Weaver

"The latest work from Watts Wacker shows that he is a true business wizard."
Leo Kiely
President and COO
Coors Brewing

"Bursting with sweeping arguments and detailed predictions."
Fast Company

"If you are seriously concerned with preparing for the next 500 days, weeks, months, or years – read this book. The pages contain profound stuff and some readers may be frightened by the predictions offered by two very experienced, and respected, sages of our time. Unless we heed their advice to initiate a restructuring of nearly every aspect of our lives and embrace 'The Four New Freedoms (To Be, To Do, To Go, To Know,)' our future may be bleaker than we imagine."
Donald C. Johanson
President and Founder
Institute of Human Origins
Author of Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind

"This may be the most unconventional book about business ever written. In fact, it may be the most unconventional book about anything ever written.

"Taylor and Wacker have fearlessly created their own [system] for life here on earth. A grand system that takes in not only business, marketing, and advertising, but macroeconomics, government, politics, social organization, and family life. A system at the core of which is the conviction that virtually everything we believe about these institutions is a comforting myth, and that those who don't have the courage to give up these myths will be consigned to history's dustbin.

"If you want to be enlightened, startled, mystified, and infuriatated – and often all on the same page – read The 500-Year Delta."
Burt Manning
J. Walter Thompson Co. Worldwide

"Taylor and Wacker have produced a dazzling array of gargantuan concepts, searing insights, and pithy observations about societal change and social values. This provocative book should be of keen interest to those whose bent of mind, quality of life, or nature of work require radical breakthrough thinking about how to live (and, incidentally, how to market) in these intellectually and morally tricky times."
Jerry Welsh
Welsh Marketing Associates Inc.