deltaPraise for
The Deviant's Advantage:
How Fringe Ideas Create
Mass Markets


"Not your typical business book fare, and not organized or presented in the way you'd expect. I think, though, that's exactly the point the authors are trying to make. Mutation isn't pretty or predictable either."
Seth Godin
Author of Survival is Not Enough

"The Deviant's Advantage is a seminal work. As time goes by, I believe it will come to be viewed on a par with McLuhan…"
Lee M. Morin
412th Human in Space

"The Deviant's Advantage exceeds all expectations and I recommend it because everyone should walk on the wild side—at least once in awhile."
Jack Covert

"In The Deviant's Advantage, Watts Wacker and Ryan Mathews offer insights and ideas that are truly 'out of the box.' But make no mistake – their unorthodox theories connecting the concept of deviance with innovation and creativity ring true for many businesses, especially the advertising industry."
O. Burtch Drake
American Association of Advertising Agencies

"These may sound like glossy-magazine headlines, but upon closer inspection, they reveal the authors' keen and thoughtful analysis... As the pace of change becomes ever faster, it's important to focus on the fringe, lest you'll lag behind."
Luci Yamamoto
Barnes & Noble

"An organizational culture committed to "thinking out of the box" can sustain competitive advantage..."
Jim Pawlak
Syndicated Columnist
Biz Books

"Leave it to Wacker and Mathews to bring much-deserved honor to deviant thinking and to insert it into the business world. They not only question several fundamental business norms but they pretty much condemn them to that vast purgatory that exists inbetween breakaway success and spectacular failure -- which is precisely where conservative, non-deviant businesses usually end up."
Scott Bedbury
Author of A New Brand World: Eight Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century

"...could have a "Future Shock"-style impact on the general reader."
Joe Meyers
Connecticut Post

"Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker have made a compelling case that will challenge you to think with both hemispheres of your brain and in a multi-dimensional fashion. It's not just that nearly everything in our lives seems to be accelerating (it is), it's also that the opportunities to harness genius are all around us, but require dramatic stretching of our peripheral vision to bring the fringe into focus.

"If you haven't yet made the observation that everything around us, including time itself, is accelerating, you most certainly will after reading The Deviant's Advantage. But, well beyond this reality, you will also be challenged to examine new dimensions of personal development potential. The old adage was "it's not just what you don't know, but what you know to be true that isn't any longer, that will kill you". Ryan and Watts add a new twist, which is, "What was once true in isolation, will be significantly different in combination with other once true components."

"While many within the current generation of business leaders grapple with the reality of paradox in their business lives, a new breed of leaders who have embraced apparent contradictions, and harnessed aberrant concepts are emerging, and will lead in the future, within a world of devox."
Randy J. Rose
Energizer Battery, Inc.

"Where do breakthrough ideas come from? Where do you look to find the next brilliant business concept, the next box-office bonanza, the next Broadway smash, the next social revolution? As this fun, insightful, and brilliant book makes clear, if you want to be ahead of the curve of change, you've got to spend time in the fringes of society. The spot-on lesson: Don't be afraid of deviants -- embrace them! They are creating the future before it arrives for the rest of us."
Alan M. Webber
Founding Editor
Fast Company

"Skilled raconteurs, the authors are at their best when chronicling the progress of deviant ideas like Las Vegas and Hello Kitty."
Matthew Boyle

"Once again Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker have given us an enlightened vision which allows us to see future marketing opportunities through a tuned-in view of the present. Mathews and Wacker ask us to do more than just embrace change -- we must embrace the "devox" to successfully meet the two biggest challenges faced by marketers today -- innovation and relevance. The Deviant's Advantage offers provocative insights for business leaders determined to seize competitive advantage and stay ahead of the pace of change. It's a great read."
Carolyn Carter
President - Europe, Middle East & Africa
Grey Global Group

"The authors offer a useful counterpoint."
Harvard Business Review

"Ryan and Watts have crafted a fascinating read. They clearly understand the dynamics of change in the world of business and force the reader to think about how create it, anticipate it, or react to it. Those deviants!"
Dan C. Swander
President and COO
International Multifoods Corporation

"...Mathews and Wacker do a fine job of explaining how companies and individuals can harness and exploit the power of [innovation]...

"Salient anecdotes and intuitive leaps of faith abound, but also sufficient empirical stuff to anchor their discourse and suppositions.

"It's all very audacious and stimulating, but is it useful and valid? Too early to tell, but the book is a fun and thought-provoking ride, nonetheless."
Richard Pachter
Miami Herald

"...Mathews's and Wacker's intriguing book is a fun mix of business savvy and social commentary that will surely appeal to the Fast Company crowd."
Publishers Weekly

"The Deviant's Advantage is the best book ever written about how companies can benefit from strange new ideas and the oddballs and misfits who dream them-up. Mathews and Wacker write so well that, although I should have been doing other things, I kept turning the pages. They provide compelling stories and arguments about how and why companies can benefit from fringe ideas and people, but at the same time, warn both companies and people of the hazards of embracing deviance."
Robert I. Sutton
Stanford University
Author of Weird Ideas That Work

"The authors turn a provocative idea into sound business reasoning with an abundant collection of examples and anecdotes."
Executive Book Summaries

"Engaging... often humorous... the authors take an anthropological approach to corporate innovation that is refreshing."
The New York Times

"In their new book, The Deviant's Advantage: How Fringe Ideas Create Mass Markets, the duo explain... It's often the "oddball" ideas... that make fortunes for enterprising companies."
Andrea Sachs
Time Magazine