The future is a provocative place – equal parts promise and peril. At FirstMatter our job is to help your company find, and more importantly build, its future. We understand approaching the future is a daunting task so we've created The Futurist's Perspective, a low cost introductory peek into the future of several topics. Our intent is to introduce you both to FirstMatter as a company and futuring as a strategic tool. The Futurist's Perspective allows businesses of any size or description to access our thoughts on a broad range of subjects.

Service Offerings

We offer insights into the following ten discrete subject areas, each monitored on an ongoing basis:

  • Globalization
  • Governance, law, public policy and regulation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Consumer trends, behavior and their impact on society and culture
  • The economy, finance and business models
  • Science and technology
  • Corporate culture, change management and cultural creation and transition
  • Marketing, communication, advertising and branding
  • Scenario planning
  • Strategic thinking and planning