deltaPraise for The Visionary's Handbook :
Nine paradoxes that will shape the
future of your business (paperback)



"Highly original, full of insights, and lots of fun to read."
Sally Helgesen
Author of The Web of Inclusion, The Female Advantage and Everyday Revolutionaries

"The Visionary's Handbook removes much of the mystery and uncertainty about the future. It's as exciting and as fun as learning a magician's secrets."
Jim McCann

"I bought The Visionary's Handbook with my own money."
Shelby Coffey

"I've seen the future, and it's in the pages of this eye-opening book. The most powerful asset in business is a strong point of view about the future. The Visionary's Handbook will help you figure out your future."
William Taylor
Founding Editor
Fast Company

"Just the idea of looking at the creation of your future as a serial experience, as is done in The Visionary's Handbook, is a breakthrough for business planning and especially for one's own life. A must read."
Christopher Forbes
Vice Chairman
Forbes Inc.

"The authors combine an intellectual thrust with old-fashioned, down-home logic. There is a consistent theme within this book that urges you to become part of your own story; the style ensures that you become part of their story."
David S. Ford
Chief Executive
Gardner Merchant Food and Management Services

"The form of the book perfectly mirrors its message that inherent truth has yielded to individual 'neotribe' realities and that it is only in embracing your own present reality that you can forecast any viable future. I must say that you've given me a lot to think about both professionally and personally, and I look forward to hearing the presentations that will evolve out of this book."
Don Epstein
Greater Talent Network

"The book is exceptional, great value and thoughtful in allowing so many to get the insights into our realities and the future that I have been privileged to have first hand in my dialogues with Watts … he's inspired me to liberate ICL."
Keith Todd
Chief Executive
ICL plc

"Tired of abstract theory about chaos and acceleration and predictions of future? Fasten your seatbelt for this personal, rock & roll journey into your own future. As usual, Jim and Watts don't disappoint."
Candice Carpenter
Chief Executive Officer

"Watts Wacker's newest book, The Visionary's Handbook, contains the thoughts of an undeniably great thinker."
Edward C. Emma
President and COO
Jockey International Inc.

"This book will challenge your most fundamental beliefs about competition, value, time, action, and leadership. Get ready for enlightenment!"
Philip Kotler
Professor of International Marketing
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"As a University professor and one of the originator of the Third International Mathematics and Science study, I have a strong appreciation for both breadth of view and focus (that is vision) in creating something new. This book is one of the most creative and thoughtful discussions of what it means to be a visionary in today's world. I encourage every person who is placed in a leadership role, whether in business or some other field, to especially read the first chapter of this book."
William Schmidt
NRC U.S. TIMSS, Michigan State University

"Leaders of all kinds of organizations can use this astonishingly insightful conceptual toolbox to create their desired futures while increasing effectiveness in today's multidimensional, multiparadoxical world."
Gloria Feldt
Planned Parenthood ® Federation of America and Planned Parenthood ® Action Fund

"The 500 Year Delta was an interesting book. The Visionary's Handbook is an important book. Not just a quick read, this book requires an intellectual engagement from the reader, a full involvement working through the exercises and aggressively absorbing and processing its contents. The personal return on such an intellectual investment will be endless, continuing as far in the reader's future as can be imagined.

"I can see no way that your life and business future could fail to be enriched if you take the time to really think through the principles and issues presented in this book. What a lucky circumstance! About how many books can we say that?"

Frank Lane
Pyramid Consulting

"Should find an important place on any thoughtful manager's desk."
James Abernathy
Managing Partner
The Abernathy MacGregor Group

"The world changed. Click companies want to build brand as though they were mortar companies. Brick and mortar companies are striving to be on-line click companies. The world of click and mortar companies is emerging. All the rules changed. The visionary's Handbook is a mandatory source of guidance necessary to visualize and manifest success."
Lee H. Stein
Virtual Capital, LLC